Virtual Studio Technology (VST) for .NET. Plugins and Host applications.

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Command Line Interface

Note that the VST.NET NuGet packages inject calling the CLI into the standard build process. You should not have to call this manually in most scenarios.

In the spirit of .NET core (dotnet) a Command Line Interface (cli) has been created to help with common tasks when working with VST.NET.

The following commands are available:

More commands may be added later as the need arises.

Use “double quotes” around paths with spaces!


vstnet publish <path-to-bin> [-o <output-path>] -p <platform>

The publish command will gather all the dependencies (from the NuGet cache folder on your local drive) and perform the necessary renaming of plugin .dll’s in order for them to load correctly by the Interop. It also copies over any settings.json files that may be next to your primary project binary.

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